Wednesday, October 22, 2008

just taking up time

The World Series starts tonight. Nothing better will be on TV so everyone has no excuse for not watching it. Philadelphia vs Tampa Bay. I prefer that the Rays win because we have the same name. Mine being my middle name and their last name. It would make feel proud of that name for the second time ever.

Someone stank up the office building the other day by cooking broccoli. Building managers and other facility heads were worried about toilets leaking and other horrible sewage problems. Little did they know that it was someone just trying to enjoy freshly steamed veggies...Today I had cream of broccoli soup.

Softball was last and we managed to win two in a row. We finally felt what it was like to be champions. I didn't say too much after the game. Words just could not describe how the team felt in that moment.

Why are gum wrappers not cut on a straight edge? Do the jagged edges improve something? They remind me of teeth. Maybe it's designed in case a caveman time warps to 2008. Then he can associate the jagged edges with teeth and then know to chew the contents of the wrapper. Wrigley should be given more credit because of this ingenious idea.

Bought a computer for my bike. It's a piece of crap but it makes me feel like Lance Armstrong. Cruising along at a minimum speed the computer works great and proudly displays my 9.4 mph speed. Kick it up a gear and show off my power, the computer freaks out. I am too fast for this thing. Once the reading is over 11 mph, it looses all strength and gives up. I feel like David Levy.

My back hurts today. I feel that I should get worker's comp on this. If anyone wants to question me then I'll have them sit in my chair for 8 hours and do nothing all day. That would make anyone's back ache or probably something worse.

What Phillies slugger, upon seeing Lake Michigan for the firs time, asked: "What ocean is that"?

Last entry's answer was Whitey Ford with 10.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

wedding number two was ok

Wedding number two of the season was short and sweet. Thank goodness because it was outside. There was plenty of unexpected entertainment though. No one thought in advance about the Friday night football game going on just half a mile away. Plenty of "Sonic Boom" from the band section.

My plane Thursday evening was delayed by 2 hours. I wasn't happy but I did get to sit with and meet the band Lifehouse. The drummer thought I was cool. That still did not raise my spirits for the plane being late. I'm pretty sure that Southwest Airlines strategically placed Lifehouse on the plane for purposes of cheering up the passengers for a delayed flight. I'm no sucker. For some reason, half way through the flight, I felt the need to listen to a few of their songs.

Went to the fair on Friday evening. Father Rob was convinced that the World's greatest cinnamon rolls were being sold there. I paid $4 and was upset that he claimed these were the World's greatest. They were good, but not the best. Sometimes I wonder about him. He wouldn't even pay one dollar to see the 100 Pound Rat or the Man Eating Snake. I didn't pay the dollar for the Man Eating Snake either. Utility Al did because he thought I had no more money. Who's the sucker now? Me for allowing someone to pay for me to look at the Man Eating Snake or him paying for me to see the Man Eating Snake?

Softball has been rained out for the second week in a row. I really think that the other team is scared of me. There is no way that rain can cause two cancels in a row.

The dentist in Mississippi thinks I'm poor. He only told me I had one cavity versus the dentist here in Houston that told me I have nine. He'll come out better in the long run by telling me about each one, one by one.

The bed at home hurt my back and I cried about to anyone that would listen.

Once again, I requested one simple thing for my return home. A cookie cake. There were numerous emails sent on this issue and I was for sure that this time there would be a massive cookie cake in my honor. The icing design had been chosen, the size and shape were determined, location and times were arranged for enjoyment. Everything was ready for order till Father Rob decided that three $4 cinnamon rolls at the fair would satisfy him instead. Everyone always thinks about themselves. I hope he can't finish the average breakfast treat and they go stale.

What pitcher has the most World Series victories?

Last entry's answer was ten.