Thursday, August 28, 2008

back from blogcation

I missed it.

While I was gone:

  • Survived "Hurricane" number one of the season. Edouard was the laughing stock of the neighborhood. The local thunderstorm a week later showed him up.
  • The co-ed softball team proved to be worthless by winning only one game all season. Then on top of that, some rather large fellow ran over me at home plate in the last game. I will never cover someone else's position again.
  • Blogger changed everything on me.
  • 21 has remained my favorite number while green is barely hanging on as my favorite color.
  • The Hurricane Pole is still keeping on.
  • Another hurricane is has formed and is heading towards me again. The super awesome NASA Hurricane Computer Bags are coming back out for the weekend.
  • Swam in the pool once.
  • Wore the same shirt more than three times in a row.
  • Mopped floor with my two fantasy football drafts.
  • Began riding my bike again.
  • Bought five t-shirts from a website because I kept wearing the same shirt too much.
  • Cried when the Olympics ended.
Tonight is the start of the College Football Season 2008-2009. I have been waiting days and days and days and days for this moment and it is finally upon us. Mississippi State will travel to a little unknown school in Louisiana for what will hopefully/better be win by at least 75 points. If not I will do something out of the ordinary.

"You disgust me" That's what I read on the subject of an email this morning. Thank goodness it wasn't mine. As I was exiting the "Sports Lounge", with coffee, at the apartment this morning I glanced over at some dude's email and that's what it read. He never would turn around so I am still wondering if he was crying or not. He was wearing a blue and white t-shirt in case anyone was wondering.

The new softball season starts in two weeks. I will predict that we will win every game by at least thirte...I mean twelve points. This is not the co-ed team because if so I would predict that we will lose every game by thirteen points.

What NFL team introduced the no-huddle offense during the 1980s?

Last entry's answer was tug-of-war.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

can't believe i just posted

Today I wore full length socks and the feeling resembles that of wearing socks with sandals. I've been thinking about cutting them with scissors into homemade ankle socks. Then I would worry about them feeling too loose around the ankle. Either way, I feel like I made the worst mistake of the month of August. Thank goodness the month is almost over.

The thought hit me a while ago; do urinal producers calculate the angle that will best minimize splash back. I'm sorry all women readers for that horrible brain thought. Let the record show that this did not occur to me while I was at a urinal.

The Dave Matthews Band finally made it back to Houston. Dave himself complained about the hot weather then said the people were all very pretty. I would've used direct quotes but I don't remember the exact words he used. Then his show rocked my shoes off. I stood in the grass barefooted and danced my booty off by only swaying my hips, legs, head, and torso.

Ever since the Olympics have been on I have been late for work everyday. The USA National Anthem almost brings tears to my eyes each and every time it's played.

The tallest lady I have ever seen just walked into my office. I have no idea how she ties her shoes.

Last entry's answer was three.

What contest of team strength was an official Olympic event from 1900 to 1920?

Monday, August 4, 2008

don't get to excited just yet

I'm back because there is a natural disaster on the way and this might be my farewell note.

Most Americans, even those located on the Gulf of Mexico, do not know that there is a weak hurricane/tropical storm in the Gulf. Well, someone who is aware is taking full action, NASA is on the scene. We are on Hurricane Lock Down. Talks of JSC closing down are being passed around like its hot. Bags are being gathered that are labeled "Hurricane Bags." A "Hurricane Bag" is for protecting all hardware located in your work area, computers, monitors, phones, chairs, garbage cans. Everyone is required to have one. Yes, even those people who are located on the second floor, in the middle of the building, with no windows. Cover your stuff! I plan on covering my entire work area with a pop up tent.

We played softball in the rain and lightening last night. I wasn't scared. My bat is made of composite materials and I don't have any metal plates in my head.

More updates on Tropical Storm Edouard: Some guy, who has the name of a male anatomy, is running around freaking out because he has to cover the TVs in the windowless room. I just looked at him.

If these useless trash bags…correction, "Hurricane Bags" do not perform perfectly, NASA as we know it, may never be the same. Please people, keep those fingers crossed as we go through this time of crisis. The United States, The World, The Universe, and The Olympics are depending on these bags.

Let it be known that I am extremely, probably the most I have ever been, excited about the Olympics starting this weekend.

Last real entry's post answer was the sixteenth.

How many of Carl Lewis' Olympic gold medals were won in long jump competitions?