Thursday, September 4, 2008

it's only 2:00, time is too slow at work

Someone is clipping their fingernails in the other office right now. It's so annoying and I cannot concentrate on anything at this very moment, except writing this sentence.

NFL regular season starts tonight. I told the guy that is playing me in fantasy football this weekend that he better have some players playing tonight so that he will have a head start because he will need it. Let it be known this is my first year to ever play fantasy football and I have no idea what I am doing.

This morning I pretended that weather was getting cooler. The air conditioner in my car was on and it had me thinking that the leaves would soon begin changing colors. Then I noticed that all the trees around were pines.

Thank goodness Apple put the little "R" and "L" on the earphones. Otherwise I would go crazy trying to determine which ear piece goes in which ear. If the right goes in the left ear the world is not right and I will hear everything backwards.

The LSU guy at work made some BBQ sauce and I took a bottle. It's taking everything in me to not drink it right now.

Going to Starkville, MS next weekend for some Bulldog Bash and the Miss St vs Auburn football game. The last time I went to a home game against Auburn I took the largest cowbell anyone has ever seen. Made the front sports page of multiple newspapers and even the beloved Mississippi State year book. My roommate was so proud.

I listened to my first full length speech by a politician last night. She held my attention the entire time. I have never felt more like an American citizen than I did last night. That was until Big and Rich came on to sing.

What NFL team was the first to win the Vince Lombardi trophy five times?

Last entry's answer was the Cincinnati Bengal's.


Prin said...
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Prin said...
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Prin said...
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utility al said...

I thought Rob made that cowbell.

Father Rob said...

It was a joint effort. "Penalize This" is actually in my handwriting. And was I that much taller than Matt back then? Good gosh I was so skinny.

joen05 said...

Matt.. it's been a while. Glad to see you're still doing well. My season starts soon too... Hockey. Can't wait for it. Keep up the postin, brutha... I've been watching in the shadows.

Prin said...
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Marjie said...

Hmmm....was the politician Palin? Yeah...I didn't know they had Rob and Big at the RNC. I know they had country singers. I didn't watch.

And yes, Rs and Ls do make the world spin forward. It helps with shoes and contact lenses too.